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Valuable REAL Estate

Clear Clutter

Combine Feng Shui furniture and placement,
in each Feng Shui room with your Feng Shui direction, Feng Shui colors, and Five Elements in masterful Feng Shui Design ways.

Locate your favorite items, art, and Feng Shui products in personalized Feng Shui Bagua Map areas which includes consistent results from House Astrology and Flying Star Feng Shui placement.

Apply the 5 Elements, the most-valuable "Feng Shui Cures" and your special Feng Shui number.

Have Good Feng Shui NOW, (not just with "good luck").

Use Priceless Forecasting, Space Clearing, and your Personal Chi!

Move a few Feng Shui symbols every Month and Year to maximize your Chinese Feng Shui TODAY!

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May my passions also become yours...

I love, Love, LOVE helping you evolve and raise you consciousness with...


Jami Lin's opening ceremony at Earth Dance
inspires personal and global transformation.

Experience Sacred Geometry, the Rainbow Bridge
(Jose Argüelles/Law-of-Time) within YOU and Co-Creation.

Discover the metaphysical (science/spiritual workings of nature)
that "always was" and is the new catalyst of human evolution.

Learn the "Oneness Sign" which in the evolved expression
of the (two-finger) peace sign …..through our co-creative hearts,
we are the change we want to be in the world.

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I LOVE Feng Shui and Interior Design

Through the experience of thousands of Feng Shui consultations,
I've combined the most-valuable solutions from each Feng Shui School
offers REAL Feng Shui for

Feng Shui Love

Find knight in shining armor or happily-ever-after goddess

Home Feng Shui deepens love and marriage with Feng Shui bed direction through hundreds of
Feng Shui bedroom tips

Feng Shui Money

Load up your bank account and
Secure your Financial future

Increase money & wealth
with fame in your career
with office Feng Shui and
Feng Shui
desk placement

Feng Shui Health

Look & Feel GREAT!

For good Feng Shui health
create Personal Chi in your
Feng Shui kitchen

Spiritual Feng Shui

Increase Inner Peace

Deepen Spiritual Connection through your inner rainbow and
the colors of the Creator


Spend more quiet time in your
Feng Shui garden or any other
sacred space to expand knowledge
through self cultivation

Garden Feng Shui

59 years young!
My age is my testimonial!
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Jami brings harmony
that goes far beyond

~Deepak Chopra

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